In “Berezka” we enjoy eating good food,
and we love shopping online even more.

Convenience, speed, and hospitality -
these are three fundamentals on which
we are focused in our project, and we can
assure you, that we have successfully
put them into practice.

Why do we call it a project and not
a website?
Because you can use this website
on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone,
or download the mobile app on your
phone, and quickly, conveniently order
your favorite products.

“Berezka” online store —
fast and convenient way to shop!
No worries.
We’re delivering groceries, household goods, cosmetics and everything you need for a comfortable life
Ahead of time.
We will securely pack and deliver your order the same day. Delivery time – 60min. We’re delivering groceries, household goods, cosmetics and everything you need for a comfortable life
Join us.
We love our customers, so we have developed a club program for you! Sign up for the mobile app and get bonuses. In case, you are not satisfied with the quality of products, a refund will be issued.

4 interesting facts about Berezka

Fast and convenient
way to shop
No matter early morning or late evening, fast delivery of food and other goods from online store guaranteed at any time of a day.
Fast and convenient
way to shop
We respect your opinion and trust you. We offer you natural and quality products, and try to give you positive emotions. We enjoy our work, and help our partners to develop together with us. We believe that our suppliers are responsible for their jobs, deliver food on time, in good quality.
“Berezka” has the best suppliers who pass our strict checking system. We know a lot about "quality products" and let's put it this way - even in hard, difficult times, a person accustomed to quality food will not be able to bring himself to consume a low-quality product.
We have collected a wide range of products from different countries: from fresh vegetables and favorite local food to exquisite delicacies, from household chemicals to cosmetics.
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