Terms & Conditions

The berezka.cy, under the present terms and conditions and all applicable laws and regulations, offers you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited access right, use of its website.

The use of the berezka.cy website subjects to the following restrictions:

  1. Strictly prohibited the use of the website or registration to individuals under eighteen (18) years old.
  2. Members may be either an individual or company with permanent residence in Cyprus.
  3. You must respect the entire website content and all issues concerning copyright and other proprietary rights.
  4. Strictly prohibited, in any way, the modification of the website and its components, reproduction, distribution, public presentation, or the use of some or all contents of the website for commercial or public purpose.
  5. The website’s designing, text, graphics, programs, trademarks, logos, images, photographs, designs as well as its settings are intellectual property of NSI BEREZKA LTD, and all rights are reserved and protected by the related provisions of Cyprus law, European law and the international conventions.
  6. The berezka.cy may, at any time modify or even discontinue any function of the website including availability, photography, presentation and description of any product or service. There is a possibility, for accessing the berezka.cy website, may not be possible for maintenance purposes, reasons for adding new features or services, or for other various reasons. The berezka.cy always tries to restore its operation as soon as possible.
  7. The berezka.cy has no liability under any circumstances for any inaccuracies, defects, errors, typos or not omissions as well as for operation - availability of the website for any reason.
  8. Berezka.cy has no responsibility under any circumstances for consequential, indirect, direct, special compensation, expenses or financial penalties, including loss of profits, disruption of business, loss of information or data, loss of customers, loss or damage to property and any third party claims arising directly or indirectly by the use, copying or any presentation of the website’s content ,regardless if berezka.cy was aware or ought to have known or even if it had been informed about this possibility.
  9. The website of berezka.cy as to its content as well as to the products displayed in the website, in no case constitutes an offer to purchase.
  10. The berezka.cy accepts no liability whatsoever for any third party website or its content, which is accessible through the website.
  11. Part of the berezka.cy website may contain advertisements or sponsorships. The advertisers and sponsors are responsible to ensure that the material submitted, in order to be included on the website, is compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. Berezka.cy is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracy regarding the advertising material or sponsorship.
  12. The berezka.cy reserves the right to withdraw at any stage of the purchase even in the event that your order has been accepted.
  13. The delivery, on behalf of our online store or our company, to received orders, in no circumstances constitutes acceptance of this order, which in any event depends on the availability of stocks of the berezka.cy. The berezka.cy in no means guarantees product availability. There is a possibility the accepted order be implemented partially. The berezka.cy assumes no responsibility for any damages that may arise from non-acceptance and non-execution of all or part of any order. In any case, the partial or total acceptance of your order is made only by its respective partial or total implementation and be charged accordingly.
  14. Members agree that they will make use of the items provided via the berezka.cy and will not trade these items unless to a prior written agreement.
  15. The berezka.cy has adopted specific procedures designed to offer competitive prices. Prices however are changeable, either upwards or downwards, reflecting substantially corresponding changes to the cost of goods due to seasonality or other factors. This applies to all goods sold either by natural or electronic stores. Is emphasized that berezka.cy is not responsible for any errors in the listed prices of the website.
  16. Prices listed in the website include the corresponding VAT.
  17. All berezka.cy offers are valid for a limited period of time, which is determined in advance, and up to when stocks are exhausted.
  18. The minimum total value per order at berezka.cy is Forty (40.00 euros). The total order value is calculated after subtracting any discounts and offers in order to be completed the order submission process.
  19. In berezka.cy transportation costs and shipping is free.
  20. At the time being we only serve Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Famagusta Districts with exception of some rural areas. When you register or during your order you can confirm if your area is been served service indicating your zip code. In addition, on the homepage there is a link where you can confirm if your area is served. If your area is not served will be informed with a relevant message. Afterwards you can select a different delivery address to suits your needs while this has to be included in the served areas.
  21. From your part, when selecting the date and time when to receive your order, this does not commits berezka.cy.
  22. Regarding the status of your order there is a possibility that you will be kept informed via email.
  23. The order is shipped at the address designated by the customer to berezka.cy during the electronic submission of their order, and will be executed by means of the berezka.cy choosing.
  24. The order has to be received by the recipient referred in the order, or a person who acts on behalf of the recipient, to the designated delivery address. There is a possibility the partner of berezka.cy to request for a photo ID or passport. The details of the recipient are recorded on the delivery document and signed by him, which is then returned to berezka.cy.
  25. The amount you undertake to pay it is the total value of the order, which will be committed to the credit card whose details were provided during the payment process of your order and this is only valid in case of full availability of the items ordered, and therefore charged on your credit card. In case of partial execution of your order, the credit card and therefore your account will be charged with the final amount of the executed order. The total value of the order has to be covered by the available balance of the credit card in which you chosen to pay and the bank has to ensure the commitment of the relevant equivalent amount.
  26. The berezka.cy provides the ability of order payments via credit card VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO. The charge of your credit card is made after the verification and certification of its information and its validity. The customer is solely responsible for the proper inputting true credit card credentials and for legal use of any third party credit card.
  27. Cancelled orders are only accepted electronically at sales@berezka.cy and no later than 09:00 am of the day of the delivery. In case of an order cancellation, for any reason, the process of releasing the rest of the corresponding amount of the credit card used for the payment of the particular order starts within two working days from the date of cancellation and is completed according with the release procedure followed by the policy of the publishing banking organization of your credit card.
  28. Refund relating to goods or services purchased, as part of a promotion, marketing program / ​​action or discount period, will be based on the offer price, promotion or discount period.
  29. The berezka.cy has no obligation to any customer for any financial loss that may have resulted from a refusal or failure to execute, delay in execution, cancellation, withdraw / cancel on any order or any inability or failure of any client to use of the electronic store, offers, discounts, and promotions such, for any reason whatsoever.
  30. The use of the berezka.cy website and all transactions associated with it, any contractual and non obligations arising from any transaction made on this website are governed by the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus and any term at the time being held to be invalid by any competent court do not affect the validity of the remaining terms which remain in effect.
  31. For the resolution of disputes arising from the use of this website berezka.cy, responsible are the courts of the Republic of Cyprus.
  32. In case of violation the present terms berezka.cy reserves the right to take all necessary measures to protect its rights. The failure to exercise any right shall not renounce of it.
  33. The berezka.cy has the right to amend the terms and conditions of use of the website at any time. The amendments shall enter into effect immediately on disclosure, which may be accomplished by any suitable means. Any use of the website after such modification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by you on such amendments.